Finding Hope in Emptiness

by Jeral Williams

Burial stone rolled away, inside the folded cloth lay.
The women hear, he is not here.
In doubt and sadness flee, until more and more see,
the Lord alive and real, a final covenant to seal.
Present when he died, many cried, one denied.
Revealed to some, doubts overcome
until that fate-filled day, when He rose away.
Then they shouted – He lives; He is who He says He is!
In an empty tomb I see, Christ conquered death for me
I accept eternal life, by grace, not the sweat of my brow.
So, I join the cry: He lives; He is who He says He is!

Jeral Williams is a poet living in Mobile, Alabama. He is a retired professor whose Christian journey has been long and winding. He has published “Being a Proverbial Student,” a reflection on the need for Christian students to pursue knowledge, understanding and wisdom.

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