And, They Ran

by Jenise Cook

They ran
Risking their lives
As they ran
With great joy
Beating in their
Accelerating hearts
Filled with awe
New life

They ran
Through the garden
Until stopped
By Him
Who no longer laid dead
“Go tell my brothers”
As they ran
Their hearts filled
With greater joy
Empowered by
The risen one

They ran
Women worth 
Less than dogs
Not valued by
Their culture
As they ran
They did not fear
The Roman guards
Patrolling the streets
At the crack of dawn

They ran
Women whose words
Would not be trusted
only for being women
As they ran
They laughed
Sucked in air
Filled with new life
From the miracle
They saw
in the empty tomb

They ran
Up the stairs
To the room
Where their brothers hid
As they ran
bursting through the door
Into the fear-filled darkness
window coverings flung open
Gasping in air
Filled with great joy
They proclaimed
between breaths
“He has risen indeed!”

Jenise Cook lives with her husband in the north-central highlands of Arizona where it snows. Jenise enjoys visitors to @jenisecook on Twitter, and at where you can find a list of her published works.

One thought on “And, They Ran

  1. An old hymn comes to mind. “Were You There When They Crucified My Lord?” These heroes kept the faith and awaited the promise of Resurrection power. To this day, women remain at the forefront of Christian ministry. Your work ensures that we are not forgotten.


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