Saint of Kyiv

by James Robert Kibby

The message was true 
And of great conflict. 
Vision of a prophet 
Who saw the messenger, 
Held up for a time 
By the Persian prince 
Rescued by the archangel: 
Michael, patron saint 
Who never wore earthly clothes. 

He rides the wind as a valiant knight, 
Soaring like an eagle. 
His shining armor 
And flashing sword 
Appear as a brilliant,
Blazing comet, a lesser sun 
But still blinding. 
He stands above the archway, 
And all who enter 
Are under his protection, 
Both man and angel. 

The Ancient Serpent 
Takes his position 
In the hearts of evil men 
To war against the saints, 
But his plans will fail, 
And by the archangel’s sword, 
He will fall from heaven 
Into hell. 
His lies will cease and his mark 
Purged from creation.

May Israel’s great prince
Saint of Kyiv
Keep us safe 
Until our victory 
Is complete.

James Robert Kibby is an accomplished songwriter and aspiring poet whose love for creative writing began when he authored and illustrated his first comic book at age 11. James has poems published through Calla Press and The Voices Project and is currently working on his first poetry collection. James is a devoted husband and father and works full time at his church, handling facility and media operations.

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