He is Like a Tree

by James Robert Kibby

He is like a tree planted 
On the side of a mountain 
Overlooking a Golgothan wasteland: 
Where bushes wither and die 
For the cracked and hardened ground 
Yields only salt no matter 
How deep we've dug the well.

Our thorns pierce this tree, 
And from His side, with blood, 
Flows the fresh spring of life: 
Which in us becomes a living well; 
And we then trees planted, 
And this wasteland an oasis.

James Robert Kibby is an accomplished songwriter and aspiring poet whose love for creative writing began when he authored and illustrated his first comic book at age 11. James has poems published through Calla Press and The Voices Project and is currently working on his first poetry collection. James is a devoted husband and father and works full time at his church, handling facility and media operations.

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