The Resurrection

by Anthony J. Rubi

Upon that day, our Lord Himself allowed, 
His body crucified, and His blood spilt. 
Before He gave up The Ghost, by the crowd. 
And died on the cross, for our sins of guilt. 
He then traveled down, into perdition, 
Withdrawing, keys of death and hell, He lay. 
To set the captives free—was His mission. 
And to resurrect, in the tomb’s third day. 
He’s God!—Who took the blame, for Adam’s fall. 
The sin debt of the world—was then, grant paid. 
Salvation, redemption, free to us all! 
To those that repent, and trust, in His aid. 
He’s risen! And His story—plausible. 
For with Jesus—all things are possible!

Anthony J. Rubi has a degree in “Communication” from Salt Lake Community College; and a “Diploma in Biblical Studies” from The BBN Bible Institute. His recent publication “Open Doors: A Spiritual Warfare Study Guide” was released with Apple Books on July, 31 2020.

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