The Ever-Widening Sea

by Victoria Twomey

she closed her eyes
and knelt
kissed the hem
of his gown
made from Andromeda cloth
Milky Way in color
tied at the waste
with a string of radiant stars
she had been a point
he was trying to make
a cautionary tale
a hopeful arrow
pointing inward to the heart
outward toward the light
she had been more bird
more rabbit
more lion
more jungle simian
than she knew
now at the edge
of the ever-widening sea
she finally understood
he would be her last, best hope
he would be the boat
that carried her
over the waterfall of time

Victoria Twomey is a poet and an artist in equal measure. She has appeared as a featured poet at venues around NY, including the Hecksher Museum of Art, The Poetry Barn, Barnes & Noble, and Borders Books. Her poems have been published in several anthologies, in newspapers and on the web, including Sanctuary Magazine, BigCityLit, PoetryBay, Autumn Sky Poetry Daily, the Tipton Poetry Journal and Verse-Virtual. Her poem “Pieta” was nominated for a Pushcart Prize.

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