by Leslie Anne Bustard

That moment before sleep takes over,
I slowly free-fall 
into yawning, empty space,

and for a few minutes, 
all I hear is whir of wind 
rattling old window panes,
ring of a neighbor’s chimes,
and rain on the porch roof.

I’ll keep falling like Alice 
who tumbled into Wonderland,
then land shoeless on the street 
in front of my childhood home.

Here God and His angels sit 
behind clouds,
the moon hangs low and brightly amber.
I’ll find a hiding place 
near flowering honeysuckle,
where only the Holy Ghost can find me. 

Leslie Anne Bustard is a writer, poet, and editor who lives with her family in Lancaster City, PA. She writes for Cultivating Project and Black Barn Online. Some of her other writings can be found at Calla Press, Deeply Rooted, and Christians in the Visual Arts. Wild Things and Castles in the Sky: A Guide to Choosing the Best Books for Children, a book of essays she co-edited, will be released this April through Square Halo books. Her website, Poetic Underpinnings, contains her writings, podcasts, and the goodness of other people’s creativity.

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