We Walked Between the Drops

by James Worthington

We walked between the drops.
A morning, this morning
Only time it’ll ever be
And it’ll be forever.
Hard won,
Soft expected.
Torrents before, more to come torrents.
But this pause.
This opportunity. This morning.
None other will ever be like it. 
Pregnant, reminiscent, poignant.
Out front a reminder of the past.
The smell of a distant morning and a fear.
But just an opportunity to make the past eternal.
To heal.
Eternity fully present in every moment.
All life experiences become Arizona grass.

James Worthington was once a clergyman. Now, as a paramedic of deep faith, he sees the world through a theological lens. Hailing from suburban Philly row homes, he resides in the Finger Lakes. He drinks moderately and prays with effort. He is hopeful that life will move himself and others brightly. James can be found at www.facebook.com/AuthorJimWorthington or at work.

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