Great is the Lord Jesus

by Anthony J. Rubi

Lord, I’m in Your eyesight, speaking to You; 
You’re making my life great—with all things new. 
Thank You, for keeping me firm, in my stance. 
When vile foes attack, they’re lacking in chance! 
You’re The Rock, that holds up, my foundation. 
You gave me liberty—and salvation! 
I have freedom, and a testimony; 
You, deserve, a worship ceremony! 
I also triumph, in Your precious blood, 
Making sin’s potential, a faulty dud. 
Your honor, in me, will outlive my foes. 
For You give justice, to their wicked woes. 
This crimson holy blood, covers—my sins, 
And, when it spills on demons, Jesus wins.

Anthony J. Rubi has a degree in “Communication” from Salt Lake Community College; and a “Diploma in Biblical Studies” from The BBN Bible Institute. His recent publication “Open Doors: A Spiritual Warfare Study Guide” was released with Apple Books on July, 31 2020.

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