Glorious Sons

by Ibrahim Olawale

I sing about men whose souls have been purified by Truth
Who rapture daily, traveling at the speed of the Spirit’s thought
These men are ordered by the rhythm of the Wind,
Their ways are indiscernible, 
for their code is locked in ancient scrolls hidden in the bosom of Abba
These men are not bound by laws of nature or 
the limitation of nations;
their Law is of Life in the Anointed, 
and they are free from the sting of sin and cold hands of death.

These men are armies whose procession is according to Numbers, 
marching according to their Order, they never break their Ranks
These are men whose strength is in the Lord of Host, 
whose command they keep, for it is Life unto them
Creation awaits these ones; and for their arising, she groans, 
for these men shall invite her into their liberty. 

Ibrahim Olawale is a poet and creative writer. He hails from Lagos, Nigeria and believes in the power of words and its effects. Ibrahim’s poetry chapbook, Prisoner of Love, navigates love’s place in the human experience and his second book, Living in a Void: How The Coronavirus Pandemic Affected Our Lives, outlines how the pandemic and the lockdown affected our lives.Olawale

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