Don’t Let Me Forget You

by Nolcha Fox

You are the celestial lights,
sun, moon, stars.
Without You, I am lost,
no compass, in a grave,
choked in dirt.

You are wind, rain,
snow, a force of nature.
Without You, I am barren
wasteland, deserted,
restless roamer.

You are with me in pain, 
in the joy after pain.
Without You, ceaseless sadness,
endless ache,
no relief.

Don’t let me forget You in bliss.
Don’t let me forget You
when I can’t find my way.
Without You, I am nothing.
You made me what I am.

Nolcha Fox has written all her life, starting with poop and crayons on the walls. Her poems have been published in WyoPoets News, Duck Head Journal, Ancient Paths, Dark Entries, The Red Lemon Review, Agape Review, Bullshit Literary Magazine, Storyteller’s Refrain, Wilder Literature, Paddler Press, the 2022 WyoPoets chapbook Emergence, Gone Lawn, and Levatio’s first issue Serenity.

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