Moon Madness

by Monica Sherlock

Tonight, the full moon, I look up to the heavens
I think of you and your smiling face
I see a halo on your head
I see you chasing moon beams on a full moon
They say weird and crazy things happen on a full moon
I look up and want to see your smiling face
I see the stars, oh I think I see you paying a harp
You’re next to a choir of angels
Do I feel moon madness 
or is that you reaching out to me

Monica Sherlock is an Irish American poet who studied at Santa Barbara City College where she earned an Associates of Arts in Multimedia Arts and Technologies. Monica studied print making, sculpting in bronze and wood and creative writing. Her poems have been published in Xulon Press, “A Second Chance” a poetry book on Redemption. She also has her poems published in ten books. She also studied at UC.S.B. and achieved a certificate in Alcohol and Drug Counseling. Monica is a trained florist and a retired hair stylist.

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