by Monica Sherlock

I thought about you today 
How is your new home
A mansion in the sky
Streets of gold gates of pearls
You’re not a homeless dog or a person under a bridge
You’re with God
One day, I will be with you 
In the mansion in the sky
With you, Kevin, Mom, and Dad
Oh happy day
No more suffering, no more pain 
With our Savior

Monica Sherlock is an Irish American poet who studied at Santa Barbara City College where she earned an Associates of Arts in Multimedia Arts and Technologies. Monica studied print making, sculpting in bronze and wood and creative writing. Her poems have been published in Xulon Press, “A Second Chance” a poetry book on Redemption. She also has her poems published in ten books. She also studied at UC.S.B. and achieved a certificate in Alcohol and Drug Counseling. Monica is a trained florist and a retired hair stylist.

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