by Mark Weinrich

I love capturing butterflies
with the net of my camera.

My secret is catching them
in morning light before 
they are warm enough
to fly. For the night chill
has stripped them of strength.
They spread their wings
gathering every ray 
savoring the renewing
flow of power. 

In those moments
of trembling revelry
knowing they are only
seconds away from flight
I take my opportunity.

And like this butterfly
I love basking in the Word
knowing the Holy Spirit
will strengthen me,
knowing that in this waiting
God is giving me wings
to rise and fly
into the day.

Mark Weinrich lives a creative life as a writer, photographer, musician, and artist—all wrapped together in an outdoorsman. He is a retired pastor and nine-year cancer survivor. His writing and photography have appeared in over 130 news stand, inspirational, and literary publications. He has sold eight children’s books and currently has two fantasy novels on Kindle.

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