Back to the Garden

by Clara Klein

It’s time to go back
to the Garden of Eden.
God’s people need healing. 
In this world, things are out of balance.  
Extirpated are harmony and peace. 

God planted Eden as a place to dwell
in His spirit. On wings we are carried,
floating to the sky. When we trod the earth,
we feel a fortress of support beneath us.
In a pool of serenity, we can bathe
and wash off the troubles of the soul.
All who dwell here nourish themselves
on the viridity of the earth.

Come to nature, for here is calm -
a created paradise.
Nature was fashioned by God
to let us know that with Him, 
there is perfect communion, 
perfect balance, perfect peace.
In nature, we can breathe clearly –
breathing out the poisons from man’s world
and breathe in the Father’s freshness and newness.
When surrounded by nature, we can feel the life force
reverberating within our own bodies.
It is God connecting to us.
Sitting quietly with creation, we can
best feel God’s spirit, which
enters and comforts us. We know that we are
part of his creation and that we are cared for.

Nature is God’s Garden of Eden.
He who made the garden placed us here to tend it.
Who fills the garden fills you too.
In the beautiful garden we see our own beauty -
creation of God’s pure love -
our purpose to give back.
As part of the garden we enter into covenant,
each with a role to plough, sow, or harvest.
Our charges are the young and vulnerable
who feed on what we reap.
Take care of the garden
and all who dwell there
as its Creator tends all of us.
This is the place where we are blessed
to participate in the act of creation.

Eden, the Creator’s delight,
perfect paradise untouched 
until man brought it under his will.
Then the sin began,
the shame became known.
Had they accepted it as it was
pristine gifts would remain unblemished.
Now we must go back -
repent, cleanse, and re-sow.
Cultivate the old fruit,
harvest a new future
with God above watching
and all will be well.

Clara Klein has been a freelance writer for over 30 years. Retired from a career in natural resources, she is currently writing about Christian ecospirituality topics.

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