by Ivan S. Fiske Iv

“i sought the Lord, & He heard me & delivered me from all my fears”
Psalms 34:4(KJV)

these words;

"seek, knock, & ask
& you shall receive."

crawled gingerly into my thoughts
as i was sitting under the weight of anxiety

love, i thought could comfort me 
has kissed me like Judas Iscariot
& nailed my pieces to the cross of depression

truth be told, i almost let go,
that is: the only thing my body knew 
how to do correctly was to fall apart 
like the Wall of Jericho

every time i refine myself.

one morning,
on my knees, i enveloped myself in a prayer
& mailed it to God in a way it'd be the only music playing in Heaven

that He may know i thirst for Him.

for God so loves me
at the right hour, He breathes light into me
& hauled my broken body in the arms of delivery
& made me a "born again"

this time
He crafted me like His "promise"
that i may not get broken till i've accomplished

& as long as He lives
i'll to will because i am His image

Ivan S. Fiske Iv is a young, talented writer from Liberia. His works have been published in several magazines, such as We Write Liberia, Eboquills, League of Poet, Spillwords, and so on. 

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