My Prayer For Liberia

by Emmanuel G G Yamba

It was a cool day
During the COVID-19 break
Dad summons us under the mango tree
And fed us with sugar-coated stories of yesteryears Liberia
How she bartered glory for slavery and beauty for ashes 

Dear Liberia
What you going through is no longer a joke
The hurt, pain and tribulation,
So serious 
The thought of crown leaving the throne
Led to your frustration

Among your mother's children,
Your voice is not recognized
Whenever you stand up,
You are always criticizing
People see you as old and incapable
Having nothing to offer
And playing in society no major role

Your future leaders are disabled
 No sound education
So it cripple their tomorrow
Making me to keep questioning
 If the battery is dead 
Or the charges are inappropriate

That it can't light a single soul
Or do something to get a bravo
Since you mute my call,
Let me turn a letter to a prayer

Dear God
You didn't make her to always suffer
Your plans towards her are good and not evil
So I turn to you to band the devil
That kept her under bondage
To struggle

That the lonestar may again shine in the dark
And waters will flow 
To freshen trees that were giving up the ghost,
And the economy grows 

Remember, she's Africa's first child
Let her carry the blessing
And no longer befriend suffering
Above and not beneath

May her old bones be strengthened
To be industrious and experience increase
Let her young ones be refreshing
With milk of wisdom, knowledge and understanding
And her eyes may be open
To sow growing seeds

Emmanuel G G Yamba is an emerging Christian poet and also an undergraduate student at the University Of Liberia.

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