Where Are You?

by Emmanuel G G Yamba

The God of the good old book
I’ve moved distances with my ears, seeing all of Your miracles

You promised never to leave, but I feel lonelier than when I was in the world

While You can’t grant my single request made with a burning heart 

My hands are tire of sowing seeds that remain dwarf in every soil

I read Your word, fast and pray 
Yet You refuse to zip the mouth of mockery open towards me

Where are you dear Lord
Or you ran out of power that your garment’s hem can’t dry my issue

I’m at the pool of Bethesda screaming, yes I wanna be made whole
and like the blind man shouting, son of David, have mercy on me

Eli Eli Lama Sabachthani
With a broken heart and cracked voice, 
I say, let Your will be done.

Emmanuel G G Yamba is an emerging Christian poet and also an undergraduate student at the University Of Liberia.

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