The Vine & Branches

by Kathryn Sadakierski

I think of the trauma, the pain,
The tunnel I can never dig
Myself through alone,
But I remember 
That God loved me, and saved me
He gave me this life
To love and serve,
Now I offer it humbly
To glorify the Word.

Perhaps I’ll never know my impact,
But I can trust in the One
Whose love is too great
To contain, or convey,
To analyze or explain,
Knowing only that His light will find a way
Through the darkness of my fear,
Helping me to realize
The divine wisdom of His plan for me,
More splendid than the path I had seen.

Sometimes, my faithful friend, I feel
That I am calling out into a canyon
Empty, save for the ring of my cries,
Echoing futilely,
But God gave me the words for a reason,
And nothing He does
Fails to bear fruit,
The branches curling from the vine
Reaching, ever outward,
Flowering forth for the world to see,
To hold onto, 
In the midst of storms.

Kathryn Sadakierski is a freelance writer whose work has appeared in numerous anthologies, magazines, and literary journals around the world, including DoveTalesEdge of Faith, enLIVEN DevotionalsRefresh Bible Study Magazine, Snapdragon: A Journal of Art and HealingTeachers of Vision, and elsewhere. She graduated summa cum laude with a B.A. and M.S. from Bay Path University in Longmeadow, Massachusetts. Kathryn is passionate about sharing her love of God through her words, with the goal of making a positive difference by instilling hope in others.

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