by Edith Ojonumi Sani

When the days are happy
And pleasant things are falling in place; pray

When the night seems gloomy
With unending hours of unhappiness; pray

When the land seems parched
And hunger hovers around; pray

When life is in danger
And the road seems endless; pray

In good and bad days
In happiness and in sorrow
In sickness and in health
In life and at the hour of death; pray

Edith Ojonumi Sani is a young Nigerian poet. She lives in Jos plateau state and writes mostly about love, hope, and peace. She believes she expresses herself more through writing and she also believes that through writing she will be able to reach out to a lot of people. It is her dream to become the best writer she can be, and she plans to achieve that by giving in her time, energy and resources into writing and with time she will start giving back to the society by training other zealous writers like her. She enjoys reading piece written by other writers. Edith enjoys reading, writing, sowing, and being in the company of believers.

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