Find a Way

by Ron Levi

Find a way to encourage those downtrodden by life’s cruelty.
Find a way to guide a lost soul to the Lord.
Find a way to bring peace to never-ending hostilities.

Find a way to be silent rather than accelerate rumors and gossip.
Find a way to be merciful in a vicious society destroying itself.
Find a way to love those we now oppose and treat horribly.

Find a way to represent Christ rather than being Satan’s tool.
Find a way to lighten the burden of the suffering disposables we overlook and ignore.
Find a way to serve others outside of the confines of the Church.

Find a way to spend more time with the Lord rather than carnal pursuits.

Ron Levi has been sharing his writing via email, text, and Facebook for over thirty years. His only goal is to be faithful in writing what his heart hears.

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