Missy Jean

by Anthony J. Rubi

She's blessed by God, with a wonderful voice, 
Concerning preferred sounds—what better choice! 
She has accomplishments in accounting, 
Handling bookkeeping skills, so astounding! 
Her fair gifts and talents are not unseen. 
With loving empathy, just like a queen, 
And who could forget her keen, brilliant smile? 
Seen in church, in design—always in style! 
But let's not forget her fictional tales. 
Belonging in stores, with high-volume sales! 
In Barnes & Noble, and Amazon Prime. 
Let her writing career mountain up climb. 
May God bless this young gal, story teller. 
With books vending, not left in the cellar. 
So when will Missy write more in array? 
That must need be answered, some other day... 

Anthony J. Rubi has a degree in “Communication” from Salt Lake Community College; and a “Diploma in Biblical Studies” from The BBN Bible Institute. His recent publication “Open Doors: A Spiritual Warfare Study Guide” was released with Apple Book on July, 31 2020.

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