by Patience Agada

From the cradle of creation
when darkness had the stage
like the poets of this age,
there came light out of words
Illuminating the shadows
and marking the birth of a new nation.

Here comes the lighted
those who are cities upon hills
carrying anointing that heals
great watchmen and women
believers of the "ye and Amen
like God, in Christ, they're delighted.

Yes, we are like torches
placed upon watchtowers
shining and searching
the face of the earth for lost souls
like boats of rescue teams.
We are brighter than stars.

Here comes the molten magma
those whose fires never burn out
the volcano disrupting darkness
like balls of moving torches
Yes, we are trailblazers,
young, strong, and lighted!

Patience Agada is an art enthusiast, lover of God, spoken word poet, writer and an on-air-personality. She’s a graduate of Mass Communication from the University of Jos, multiple award winner and a volunteer. Patience Agada loves to write about nature, God, and societal issues. She believes poetry is a weapon for mass education.

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