Dear Christians, Why Do You Go To God?

by Emmanuel Alobu Kelechi

Dear Christians, why do you go to God?
Let's not be deceived,
If not for the favors received,
Will you still call him your Lord?

"My Helper, O, my Helper!"
We want to pay our school fees
That's why we call Him this.

"There's something that makes me come to your presence..."
What else, if not that we crave for breakthrough
Blessings and Mercies?

My child is sick, my helper, please heal him quick
God, see my hand, bless it, I need to buy land
Enemies everywhere, it's me they find
Father Lord, I cast and bind

Dear Christians, again, I ask
What makes you come to the presence
of your God?
If God withholds His blessings, 
Will He still remain your God,
Will you still take Him as your Lord?

Emmanuel Alobu Kelechi is a prolific writer, who has written a good number of short stories, essays, articles, and several poems. He is currently a student at the prestigious University of Lagos, studying philosophy. Being an ardent lover of nature, Emmanuel enjoys spending his leisure time in the garden, where he once worked as a horticulturist. When he is not writing or observing nature, he reads novels on adventures, or listens to cool music that is either didactic or draws nostalgic feelings.

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