The First Christmas Gift List 🎄

by Dee Lorraine

When the Magi, the three wise men, saw the star in the east, it was the sign that Jesus Christ was born.

“We must go to see Him!” they declared.

“What gifts shall we bring?” asked one.

“Gold, definitely,” replied the second.

“Yes. He is the King, so gold is a must. I heard that is what the Queen of Sheba gave King Solomon when she visited him,” the third agreed.

“That settles it. We will take the gold I received when I sold those camels last week,” said the second man. “What else shall we give?”

“How about frankincense? That is not your everyday incense. Burning pure frankincense is an act of worshiping God. I heard that is what they use in the Temple.”

“That is right, and only pure frankincense will do,” said the first man.

“The prophecy said the newborn King will be the Son of God. So, frankincense is a perfect gift for Him.”

“There is a merchant not far from here who sells the best incense in the region. Guaranteed 100% pure. I buy from him often. He will have what we want.”

“Excellent. We need one more gift.”

“What about myrrh? It’s aromatic and versatile.”

“True. He can use it as an anointing oil, incense, perfume, or even take some for an upset stomach.”

“I do not mean to be a wet blanket, but myrrh is used to prepare bodies for burial, too.”

“That is correct. And the prophet Isaiah said the Messiah shall die to take away our sins. Myrrh is a wise choice.”

“Perfect. We will purchase frankincense and myrrh from the same merchant.”

“Gold, frankincense, and myrrh. We are all set. Let us get some rest, gentlemen. We have a long journey ahead of us.”

Scripture References (KJV):
Matthew 2:1-11
1 Kings 2:1-2, 10
Exodus 30:34-38
John 19:38-40
Isaiah 53:1-12

Dee Lorraine writes fiction, non-fiction, and poetry, some of which can be found in Friday Flash Fiction and Midwest Book Review. Dee’s YouTube channel, “Superfast Stories”, features her videos of writers’ drabbles; “Provoke Unto Love” promotes a Christ-centered permanent solution to the USA’s homelessness crisis.

One thought on “The First Christmas Gift List 🎄

  1. Another imaginative piece, Dee. Never thought I would be invited to the conversations of the wise men. Removes the mystique and tells this part of the story in contemporary terms. You are winning souls through simplicity, language that everyone can understand. You are a blessing to all who know Christ—or would like to.


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