My Song Shall Not Stop

by Olatubosun David

My song shall not stop;
Even though my time is up,
And the mike is turned off
And I’m removed from the stage to the backstage.

An itinerant singer:
Even though my trip and toils cease;
And I’m left with no blank sheet,
And my pen stops flowing with ink,
My songs shall not stop;
I shall continue to sing.

A man doesn’t die;
Though the tent is deserted;
The residential bird escapes to the firmament;
Dust returns to dust and feeds the worms.
But I shall live yet again
For in mortality, dwells immortality.

I’m a writer, I shall not die.
I’m God’s son, I shall not die.
At night, the sun shall go to rest;
Darkness shall fall from the face of heavens;
But then, the glory of the moon and stars shall rise.

If I'm unable to live as long as time and season,
I shall yet, in this work, continue to live,
Shall continue to write 
In the blank sheets of your heart.
Shall continue to sing melodies
To the ready ears of your inner child.
Shall continue to paint your mental skies
With the colours of the rainbow.

There is life after death.
At brink of the earth’s extinction,
In the other side of the blue sea,
Beyond the stretch of the horizon beyond;
Where the sky and the blue sea blend—
Life continues to be.

Olatubosun David is a Nigerian writer and poet. He is a member of PEN, Nigeria Centre. A graduate of Rufus Giwa Polytechnic, Owo, Ondo State, currently works at the Achievers University, Owo. Ondo State, Nigeria.

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