by Jeanelle Fu

Remove the distractions,
Clear the dust until I can hear your still voice again
Let’s go back to ground zero
Where Elijah stood at the mouth of the cave,
Jonah in the belly of the whale
Job, who heard, then saw of you

I must see for myself
Like Zacchaeus, just for one glimpse of you, I must climb

We will not observe like the Pharisees
And the scribes
Gathering, only then to scatter, after they found what they wanted
Let me be someone you can ask
“Can I have a drink?”
And I will stay, and have a real conversation
With the God who gave His throne
To drink from my broken, forsaken well

Jeanelle Fu is a Taiwanese-American poet, artist and creative storyteller. During her free time, she enjoys dance choreography, hiking, and making stuff with friends. She has collaborated with LA-based media company Mighty, producing videos that have been shared by The National Review, The Gospel Coalition, and translated into multiple languages. She is currently working on publishing her first chapbook of poetry, inspired by themes of grief and how it intersects with the God who wept. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband. Read more at

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