The Advent Wreath ๐ŸŽ„

by Jain Brunet Anderson

Darkness hung before The Light of the world
The Light brought us His forgiveness and peace
A wreath of four candles, tree branches swirled
The four lights join, now the darkness will cease

The first candle lit, itโ€™s time to prepare
What you do to the least you do to Me
Light two tells us to listen in prayer
Through repentance, transformation will be

Rejoice, light the third light, Gaudete Sunday
Jesus, our beloved is soon here
Our wreath now a four candle-light bouquet
To shine Godโ€™s light on people far and near

Now we watch with lamps full, His Light we sing
He will return, eternal life to bring

Jain Brunet Anderson is a believer in God and a follower of Jesus. She is a wife, daughter, sister, teacher and published poet. Her interests include poetry, prayer, science, nature, and all things creative and created by God.

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