by Noah Craig

Unexpected barrels of white snow 
Caking the earth in heavenly grace
Forcefully knocking the power out
Straining the earth of every light’s trace

That winter storm over Easter weekend 
When nature followed a biblical script
Re-enacting of a holy beacon
Of a time when humanity’s foot slipped
On ice and within it saw the bleak and
Black reflection of its putrid soul’s crypt
Till that purest snow covered the weak and
Vile in a thund’rous nor’easter eclipse
Smothering the helpless demon shrieks in
Crystal snowflakes falling from angel lips
To all now will that blank parchment speak in
Testament to yellow sunlight which drips
On a fresh mirror so some may seek and
Find the hand preventing a final slip
In an unexpected and forceful grip

Stay that snow which seizes my own soul
Freezing my assurance evermore
A blizzard like rainbows point northward
While risen in the east, the Savior 

Noah Craig currently resides in Corvallis, Oregon. He loves to ponder the wonder of both the natural and the spiritual.

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