The Magnificat of Joseph

by Ryanne McLaren Molinari

My troubled soul shall magnify the Lord
Whose glory proves through my humiliation.
May it be unto me according to his word
For this, the promised hope of my nation.

The Master works through my humbled estate
As the fitting tool to smooth my splintered grain.
He gives and takes away and by his great
Craft turns my lonesome loss for Israel’s gain.

For I’ve been adopted to adopt this son,
To deliver this boy who shall deliver me.
Thankful and fearful, I am to hold the One
Who, God with us, together holds all things.

Though I lamented what I hoped was mine,
I am made less to raise up what is Thine. 

Ryanne McLaren graduated from Biola University in 2019 with her Bachelor of Music in piano and organ performance. During her time at Biola, she was named the Biola Conservatory’s “Presser Undergraduate Music Scholar” for her devotion to music, service, and academics. Ryanne also studied literature in the Torrey Honors College and was appointed to “The Order of Peter and Paul” in recognition of her interdisciplinary achievements. In December 2020, Ryanne received her Master of Letters with distinction in “Theology and the Arts” from the University of St. Andrew’s, Scotland. While at St. Andrew’s, Ryanne served as organ scholar at the beautiful St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church and was employed as a pianist by the Laidlaw Music Centre.

Ryanne was recently married to Billy Molinari, who shares her love of theology, distance running, and British mysteries. The two now live in Cedar Rapids, Iowa and represent the classic “pastor and pianist” duo as they seek to promote biblical teaching and beautiful worship. Ryanne currently works as a collaborative pianist and continues to publish both academic and creative writing through various online journals, including her personal site, She loves working with fellow Christian creatives and plans to further her studies in music, literature, and theology.

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