To Give Is A Great Gift πŸŽ„

by Alan Bedworth

Town centres full of Christmas lights 
choirs stood singing carols.
It's that time once again.

People greeting one another
and wishing great tidings.
At this time people try to be peaceful.

Children wish for plenty of presents.
Adults giving to others,
is the main motivation.

Yet not far away 
people are sheltering, 
inside cardboard boxes.

There are some good Samaritans,
who feed and clothe them.
All in the spirit of the season.

To give is better than to receive,
just to see the reaction 
of those receiving.

Christmas time can be so uplifting.
so spread your joy it is the season,
and have a Merry Christmas.

Alan Bedworth is 65 years old and has been writing poetry and songs for two-and-a-half years. He has some poems published by Open Door Magazine, Trouvaille Review, Ambrosia Literary Garland, The Raconteur Magazine, and the Pangolin Review. Recently, he has had his first book of poems published under the title ‘In My Mind‘. His interests are writing, watching Rugby League, nature, and being outdoors.

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