Image and Likeness!

by Ron Levi

The eternal truth, we, the people, were created in the image of the Lord of Glory. Inexplicably, the Faithful have never accepted this indisputable Truth.
The enemy of our soul has weaponized this grand deception to create division, hatred, confusion, injustice, murder, distrust, and our inability to discern the truth.
How foolish are we that we hate the image and likeness of the Almighty? Lord, help us! The stain of our sins has polluted our hearts and corrupted our souls.
Save us from us! Cleanse and open our spiritual eyes. Lord, forgive us for our depraved hearts.
Shower us with the spirit of reconciliation, mercy, humility, patience, kindness, compassion, and transcendent love. 

Ron Levi has been sharing his writing via email, text, and Facebook for over thirty years. His only goal is to be faithful in writing what his heart hears.

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