Divided House

by Ron Levi

The division runs deep; we scoff at reconciliation, either agree or face the wrath of self-righteousness.
Is our way the Lord's way?
This land has become an enemy unto itself. 
The acceleration of anger and violence reveals how lost and blinded the inhabitants are.
There will be no victors in this self-destructive war for supremacy. 
The spiritual enemies delight in how easily the Righteous battle against themselves. 
Even now, the window closes, and the light of forgiveness grows dim over the land of the free.
Regrettably, the religiously arrogant seek the counsel of fools instead of the Lord.
So, be it. 
Let your mighty and prolific distorters of the truth lead you to peace and prosperity. 
Foolish people with the clatter of many words, confusion, and chaos are your reward.
Quickly, seek the Lord; or reap the whirlwind.

Ron Levi has been sharing his writing via email, text, and Facebook for over thirty years. His only goal is to be faithful in writing what his heart hears.

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