by Anthony J. Rubi

Oh Lord God, sanctify me, unto Thee. 
Consecrate my life, like an odyssey. 
Heal my inner man, from painful trouble. 
Cleanse my spirit—from: weeds, thorns and stubble! 
Make me sound minded; profusely secure. 
Let Your love live on, inside me endure. 
Have Your heart, fuel my passion—for Your Word. 
And make Your will never go on unheard. 
But let me not go mad from much learning. 
Just keep me, in great, Holy Ghost burning! 
Seal me with Christ's Holy and precious blood. 
And lift me higher, above Satan's flood. 
Lord Jesus, let me serve You, in Thy ways; 
With this Holy Ghost temple—all my days! 

Anthony J. Rubi has a degree in “Communication” from Salt Lake Community College; and a “Diploma in Biblical Studies” from The BBN Bible Institute. His recent publication “Open Doors: A Spiritual Warfare Study Guide” was released with Apple Book on July, 31 2020.

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