Oh Mother

by A.M. Moodley

She has black berry hair,
Her lovely white smiles,
Her eyes full of care,
Millions of stars going on for miles.

As beautiful as one without a tear,
A touch from her soft and delicate hands,
Her heart was pierced by seven spears,
Makes joy and bliss run the lands.

She is my holy mother in heaven,
She is a polite and gentil young woman,
She has helped and cheered me whenever I was beaten,
A good, smart, and caring young woman.

She helps me be confident, not shy,
She’s brought to my life joy and bliss,
All I am telling you is not a lie,
So now, I must say this.

“Oh Mother, you are so kind,
That your heart is a never-ending river,
So, caring for love you are the perfect bind,
That you are such a joyful giver.”

A.M. Moodley is a 12-year-old Catholic girl in grade seven with a strong passion for story writing and poetry. She enjoys writing fantasy and fiction stories, as well as poems of all sorts. She lives in Canada with her parents and two (soon to be three) siblings. She really hopes to continue writing throughout her life and make people see the beauty in poetry.

One thought on “Oh Mother

  1. A.M.Moodley,
    This poem is beautiful! The way you describe Our Lady’s compassion and goodness is absolutely delightful. You have potential.
    Keep writing,
    Your Friend


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