by A.M. Moodley

Autumn coloured leaves are falling in the breeze.
In the sun, they twinkle.
They are calling in the air to the trees.
In the rain, they wrinkle.

They fall until the trees are bare.
Winter snow falls on Christmas.
Under the soft, cozy, snowy layer,
There the coloured leaves lay, saying “I missed this.”

The snow begins to clear away
During the preparation of the season.
Ready for the end of grey,
The trees are the only reason.

They bring newborn leaves and flower,
Preparing for a summer sunning.
They train for hours and hours.
Nice and green, they look cunning.

All of these, the Lord has created.
Autumn, Winter, Spring, and Summer.
They are all different, though they are related.

All one after the other.
For Autumn, He faded the world.
For Winter, He whitened the world.
For Spring, He coloured the world.
For Summer, He Brightened the world.

These are the seasons here for you.
For they are really true.

A.M. Moodley is a 12-year-old Catholic girl in grade seven with a strong passion for story writing and poetry. She enjoys writing fantasy and fiction stories, as well as poems of all sorts. She lives in Canada with her parents and two (soon to be three) siblings. She really hopes to continue writing throughout her life and make people see the beauty in poetry.

One thought on “Seasons

  1. The Lord of Glory has bestowed upon you a precious gift that speaks to the heart. There are no limitations other than the ones we place upon ourselves.

    I truly enjoyed you sharing your heart with words from the Spirit that touch the soul. Continue to write and remind us all of the purity and clarity of God’s wisdom.

    I loved Seasons!


    Ron Levi


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