A Psalm

by Angelina Chartrand

My soul will delight in the Lord.
‘Though all fail me,
You, o’ Lord, are steadfast.
‘Though they mock me,
You, o’ Lord, will lift me up
And restore my soul to gladness.

Light my paths and show me Thy goodness;
For my heart is heavy and my way dark.
I ask council of the wise
But they become as the foolish
When I remember Your words.

Grant me Thy love and guidance
As I praise Thee in Thy presence.
Restore my soul, o’ Lord:
My God and my refuge.

Angelina Chartrand is an inspiring writer who has developed a passion for writing ever since she was young, finding an admiration of written form to convey and cultivate her creative ideas. Her writings have previously appeared in Arrow Rock Literacy Journal (Issue 12), The Weird Girl (September 17th, 2021 post), and The Oakland Arts Review (Vol 6, 2021).

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