The Very End

by A.S. Chuba

When almost every church already fell,
When all the old men say the End is nigh,
When almost every man’s one foot in hell,
The Church’s already deep inside this lie.

Then, go inside and dare not to come out,
Blessed candles be your only proper light.
Inside your house, you be all safely bound.
Dare not come out until the end of night.

Until the day it is not very long,
So don’t give up and you’ll get your reward.
Then He’ll come down and wipe out all the wrong,
And you’ll be happy that it was so hard.

A.S. Chuba is a 13-year-old Catholic girl in grade eight with a strong passion for poetry. She enjoys writing mostly dreamy freestyle poems without precise meter. She lives in Canada with her parents and four little siblings. She hopes to continue writing throughout her life and maybe bring a few people back into the True Fold.

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