Climate Change for Real

by Dee Lorraine

People keep talkin’ ‘bout climate change
But miss the message from above:
We need Jesus to change our climate
From one of hate to one of love.

Nations fightin’ nations
People dyin’ every day
Poor folks goin’ hungry
Rich folks don’t wanna pay.

How can people say they love Jesus
And let His children starve?
Some folks who can do more to help
Are tryin’ to move to Mars.

More technology than ever
Speed-of-light communicatin’
But when it’s time to love our neighbor
It’s slow-motion, too much hatin'.

War of words keeps escalatin’
Politicians prevaricatin’
Rich gettin’ richer
Poor gettin’ poorer
None of this is in God’s order!

So let us humble ourselves and pray
And turn from our wicked ways
Ask Father God to forgive our sins
Open our hearts and let Jesus in.
Our lives eternal He will seal
And we’ll have climate change for real.

To those folks talkin’ ‘bout climate change
Heed the message from above:
We need Jesus to change our climate
From one of hate to one of love.

Scripture References (KJV):
1 John 3:17-18
Matthew 22:36-40
James 2:14-17
2 Chronicles 7:14

Dee Lorraine writes fiction, non-fiction, prose, and poetry. Her 100-word stories often appear in the online literary journal Friday Flash Fiction. She makes videos for drabble authors and posts them on her YouTube channel, “Superfast Stories.” Having experienced homelessness as an adult, Dee uses her YouTube channel, “Provoke Unto Love,” to promote a unique, Christ-centered solution that can end child and family homelessness in the United States permanently.

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