Earthen Vessels

by Donna Arthur Downs

We’re earthen vessels in His hand—
Sovereign God, reshaping man—
in His image, glory and power
for this moment, in this hour,
giving all, his only son,
granting grace, excluding none,
expecting obedience,
and humble display . . .
    from earthen vessels,
       jars of clay.

Donna Arthur Downs is an associate professor at Taylor University. She has been full-time teaching various writing, public relations and media courses since 2001 and advised the award-winning student newspaper and yearbook. She has been published in Grit Magazine, Indiana Voice Journal, and Military Experience and the Arts. Downs did her undergraduate work at Indiana University, Bloomington, and graduated with an Ed.D from Ball State University in Muncie. She has two sons and three remarkable grandchildren.

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