by Yvona Fast

Three Kings come to see
Jesus God’s Son, Epiphany – 
Three wise men they be. 

Frankincense, myrrh, gold
For the Lamb of God, priest, Lord. 
King of Kings foretold. 

Epiphany Light.
Life changing, far ranging. 
Intuitive insight. 

God came to take away 
man’s sin, bringing love, peace, joy.
Come to Christ today. 

Yvona’s poems have been published in numerous magazines and several anthologies. She’s the author of 3 poetry chapbooks (Different, 2017 Foothills; Adirondack Blue Seasons, 2018 CWP); and Adirondack Seasons Haiku (Local Gems Poetry Press, 2020), 3 nonfiction books, and numerous magazine and newspaper articles. For more, see http://www.yvonafast.com/poetry

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