by Pat Connors


I have read many books on the latter, listened to stories 
of the connected as well as the down-and-out
and learned what I could from them.

I have only come this far by grace.
Decades of my life have passed with nothing 
but promises and the knowledge they will be fulfilled.

King Solomon was probably the wisest man who ever lived.
He had wives and influence beyond the aspirations of ordinary men.
Most of his best writing came from a spirit of deep depression.

I will try to learn from these hard-won lessons
open my eyes and mind to the new day which dawns
when I realize the true beginning of my love. 

Pat Connors‘ first chapbook, Scarborough Songs, was released by Lyricalmyrical Press in 2013, and charted on the Toronto Poetry Map. Other publication credits include: Spadina Literary Review; Poems for Ephesians (McMaster Divinity College Website); Tamaracks; The 55 Project; and Tending the Fire, released last spring by the League of Canadian Poets. His first full collection, The Other Life, is newly released by Mosaic Press.   

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