Book of Hours

by Valerie Hess

Vigils: Midnight
Sleep interrupted.
Bright angels waken shepherds.
New stars shining….
Lauds: Dawn
Red herald day:
Sailors’ warning? Spirit’s fire?
Light is not neutral.
Terce: Morning
Sun still rising:
Day holds affirmation,
Sext: Noon
Cognizance cocktail:
Grief, malice, joy, love, regret
Shaken and stirred.
None: Mid-afternoon
Shadows lengthen,
Truth setting in.
God is not rattled.
Vespers: Evening
Shifting, silent, soft -
The present becomes the past.
How much did I miss?
Compline: Bedtime
Artificial light
Extends the day.
Dark is internal.

Valerie Hess is a musician, author, poet, retreat speaker, mother, and grandmother. She and her husband currently live in western Montana.

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