The Fourth Day

by Teresa Burleson

John 11:5,6

Why this delay,
Do we hold so small
A place in Your heart?
Where are You
When we need You most?
Do You see
The grave swallow up
The one You called friend?
At last, You are here.
Is that a tear
On Your cheek, Lord?
Our reproaches turn
To jubilation
As Resurrection speaks
And Lazarus comes forth.

A free-lancer for over 40 years, Teresa Burleson has credits in over 45 magazines. In 2002, she received the National League of American Pen Women Virginia Liebeler Biennial Grant for Mature Women in the letters category. She is the author of The Pilgrim’s Lyre, published in 2003 and Rose Without Thorns, published in 2013.

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