At the Well of Nazareth

by Hannah Enyawuile

I thought I saw an apparition 
As it glided slowly to my position 
From whence comes this lovely figure 
That has resulted in my mind's seizure?

As the lighted silhouette came nearer, 
Slowly, I moved backwards in wonder. 
My tongue stuck to the roof of my mouth
And I stammered as my speech went south.

“Hail, thou that art highly favoured, 
The Lord is with thee, dearly beloved. 
Blessed art thou amongst all women 
And blessed is thy seed that'll redeem men.”

The figure bowed in salutation
Yet I stared as though in oblivion.
It spoke again with more fervour,
“Fear not, thou hast found favour.”

It told of a glorious One
That will be the Most High's Son.
It talked of my purity
That had brought honour to me, mere Mary.

I asked questions concerning this mystery, 
How would this be to one yet to marry? 
“The Holy Ghost shall come upon thee 
The power of the Highest shall overshadow thee."

My heart had a lot of questions
But it could provide not lasting solutions.
If it all be the Will of The Lord
Then, “Be it unto me according to Thy Word.”

I looked as it glided away,
This rare species like whited grey.
“Wait,” I called, “Who are thou?”
“Gabriel, who stands in the presence of Jehovah.”

Hannah Enyawuile is a Nigerian lawyer and astute scholar. She is also the Chief Editor at PANN Editorials, a virtual firm for professional book editing. Hannah is a content creator, poet and public speaker as well. She has a passion for writing godly fictional stories. She also loves teaching and travelling.

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