Lying on the Floor Trying to Banish the Inexplicable Anxiety

by Carol Edwards

You are my hope
my only hope in despair
in fear.
Who in heaven or earth have I but You?
And You are mine
because You gave Yourself to me.
Only You can give You;
no one can compel You.
You ask nothing of Your own
that You have not done Yourself.
You cannot do less
cannot be less
than my only, unfailing hope.

Carol Edwards is a northern California native transplanted to southern Arizona. She lives and works in relative seclusion with her books, plants, and pets (+ husband). She grew up reading fantasy and classic literature, climbing trees, and acquiring frequent grass stains. She enjoys a coffee addiction and aspires to be a succulent mad scientist. Her work has appeared in Space & TimeOpenDoor Poetry MagazineOrigami Poems ProjectUproar Literary BlogHeart of Flesh Literary JournalCajun Mutt PressGyroscope Review, and The Ocean Waves published by Red Penguin Books. She uploads her poetry to

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