The Door on the Latch

by Stephen Paul Wren

God lets Hell exist 
because He loves us.
He is tolerant.
He wants to bring us
together, prompting
selfless deeds or care.
The door on the latch
invites us to change..
like parents watching
their offspring’s mistakes.
When our wrong partners
It reminds us.
Hell is for our sakes.
The Lord of the flies 
sells our lives for fun. 
The Lord of the flies
is no match for God.
Evil threats that cling
to the wild sea waves
are enough.
We surf.
We adhere to light.

Dr Stephen Paul Wren was educated at Cambridge and worked as an industrial chemist before transitioning back into academia at Oxford. He joined Kingston University in September 2018 where he works as a Senior lecturer. Stephen’s poetry can be read here.

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