Heal My Heart, Lord

by Gina Barton Sewell

When I am hurting and my heart is broken 
I always tend to run away, 
No matter the gesture or words spoken 
Nothing can make me want to stay. 

The sadness in my heart intensifies 
As I try to continue the facade, 
But I know that none of this 
Is what’s expected of a woman of God. 

I lift my hands, I surrender it all 
Lord, I am bringing you my heart, 
Please, Lord, I am asking you to heal it,
 Every single, shattered part. 

True strength comes from the Lord 
Of this we can be sure, 
We know His grace is sufficient 
And that His love for us is pure. 

So Lord, take away this sadness 
And all the pain I feel inside, 
And replace it with peace, love, and joy 
As all your commands, I abide. 

As I place my faith firmly in You 
I feel my strength reforming 
Because I know sorrow lasts for a night 
But joy comes in the morning.

Gina Barton Sewell is a writer who loves Jesus and loves to write about him. She and her husband Spike live in McKinney, Texas. She has four sons and five grandchildren. She loves to encourage others, so she shares her journey in her blog, Greatly Emboldened in hopes that she can help others who have been down a similar road. 

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