Ellie; Grace Comes to Visit

by Geoff Knowlton

(Isaiah 35:6)

The door opened, and you burst through laughing,
Running fast and bounding round the corner.
The clinic had been the place for your tears.
Now it became the womb of a new life.
After weeks of mostly hiding what was
And crying over what you could not hide,
Your new mom gave you safety and freedom.
And it was time to fly with new bright wings.
The social worker tried to slow you down
But I brushed my hand over her shoulder,
“Just savor this moment and laugh with her
For it’s a gift of grace for her and us”
Bright blue bruises heal and fade to nothing.
Quiet tears dry in the wind of running.
They are no match for the joy born this day.
Listen! These soaring laughs will linger here.

Geoff Knowlton is a psychotherapist specializing in counseling children in foster care. His poetry has been published in various places including Friends Journal, the journal for Quakers. He has training in psychology and Christian theology and often writes about his experiences with his clients and other places as he reflects on the deeper truths revealed through them. Mr. Knowlton lives in Central Massachusetts.

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