Christ Has Risen

by Irene Surya

As the creator paints the sky
From the palette of myriad colors
At the break of dawn, I climb up high
To the swing, up in the clouds. 

As I swing up and down
I look behind to centuries, long ago
When the Son of Man
Walked the earth. 

I saw a crowd in liaison
Praising the mighty works of God
Miracles, mighty and numerous
Held the crowd in amazement. 

But far at a distance
Stood the hypocrites
Plotting to put to death
The Savior of the world. 

Christ came to die
So that we might live. 
He rose again to glory
And is seated at the right hand of God. 

Dr. Irene Surya has authored a book of poems, In Solitude with God. She loves and serves the Lord with her husband. A devout mother to two daughters, she has earned her Doctorate in Engineering from a premier institution. Currently, she is teaching in an Engineering institution.

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